Thursday, 15 March 2018

By Harry, Sam, Scarlett and Eloise
The West Brigford School engaged in a day of craft and fun on the 16th February 2018
The production of sets, cakes, vehicles, costumes, posters, animations, trailers and storyboards were split between the art and tech rooms and a big presentation ended the day where everyone showed off their movie pitches to the school and faculty. Students said they enjoyed the day and that they would do it again
In the end, 8e took the day and won with their pitch of Tim the time travelling tortoise. Other movies included Immigration law, a movie about alien conquests and Alien Revolution, a movie about aliens invading earth and even road to mars- a movie about earth's overpopulation and them building a road to mars.
But what was actually made?
Every form came up with a creative movie idea and built and made costumes and sets or props all seen below. They worked tirelessly and the product came out wonderfully for all the groups.

What was it like for the teachers?

The day wasn't just one for the children as it was also great fun for all the teachers of Year 8 students who were able to get involved.
Teachers at WBS are passionate and happy to help students with work when they need it. They are constantly there for everyone.
Because of this when it comes to times like Sci-Fi they are very hands on and worked with the students and(whilst providing creative freedom) helped them to achieve their goals and motivate.

Why did we do it?
We did this awesome activity as a way to relax and unwind after a challenging first term of 2018. Additionally we did it as an extension of our schools work in Art and Technology which being the schools specialty is truly legendary.

Was the day all that?
Students said that they really liked the event and certainly wish that they could do it again. They are glad that is happened and think that every year deserves to be extended this courtesy. The day was truly legendary.

Sci-Fi day wasn't the only day like this that our school ran in appreciation of pop culture. As well as running this event annually (for year 8 students) they also run school wide culture and diversity day at a constant rate helping to increase our school acceptance and completely eradicate judgement and discrimination.
But how?
We had a huge amount of help from the tech department and the art department whom, without which that day would not be possible. These teachers and staff who helped organize and develop that day. They bought materials, supervised us and made the hall ready for our presentations. They were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the day.

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