Thursday, 15 March 2018

BBC School Report –
 Does Social Media Cause Stress In Young Children?        
Social media is rapidly growing and becoming more of a part in our lives. However, the pressure of others can cause serious effects of people’s lives and causes major stress among

young people. So the question is: Do you think social media pressures people in the modern day? Many parents are especially concerned for their child as they didn’t have social media when they were kids. Therefore, they do not know how to control or limit their child’s ability to access social media.

Our team at the West Bridgford School interviewed students and staff and these are some reactions.

Anonymous Student- Do you use social media?  “Yes.” How long do you use social media per day?  “Between five minutes and half-a-hour.”     

  Would you recommend social media to someone? “Yes I would.”

Do you think you and/or your friends suffer from social media stress? “I haven’t become stressed by it but other people have.” 

Do you think it’s inappropriate for young people to have social media? “I think it is not a good idea for young children because you can become vulnerable to predators but if they teach it at school it will be safer.” 

Are you worried about online bullying? “I haven’t experienced any but I know people who have so it’s bad.”

So our students are clearly concerned by the threats that social media poses, but the popularity of social media will continue to rise but as long as we, as students, can control our accounts and files than the safety of our generation will be secure.

Written by Charlie, Tashan, Will, Max and Max.

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