Thursday, 15 March 2018

Video Games Good or Bad?
Video games can be good but can also be bad. Everybody has a mixed opinion on video games. People who play fast paced games can improve their reaction speed while people who play strategy game will start to think about decisions more.
Bad influences
Most people think that video games (such as GTA, Doom, Call of Duty and Bloodborne) can cause children to become violent and disrespectful. This blame was caused when a teenager, from Finland, named Pekka-Eric Auvinen caused a fire in his high school, killing classmates and the school’s principal. This incident caused people to believe that video games manipulated this boy’s mind and thought it would be good to set fire to his school. Video games can also cause people to have less time sleeping because, even if you played it several hours ago, your mind will still think about it and prevent you from going to sleep. Another thing that they can do is make you obese. This is caused when you are addicted to games, you will barely go outside and go exercise. The last thing that video games do, is distract you. In the National Literacy Study, within the league table for children’s reading skills, England used to be in third place, in 2001, but then dropped down to nineteenth place in 2006. Video games got lots of the blame.
Good influences
Quite a few people brush past the positive things about video games, when thinking on an opinion. Most benefits include quicker reaction speed, new skills, better hand eye coordination and making the player to find more than one solution. It has also been proved that video games can decrease mental decay. Even video games, like Call of Duty, cannot just be bad, but also good. The fast paced game can make people think quicker and react quicker. The game series Professor Layton, use puzzles that make you think outside the box and also makes you happy when you finally figure it out.
From a pupil’s parent here is their opinion:
“I think that they can be good and bad. They can be positive if they provide entertainment and education but they can lead to people not leaving the house, not getting exercise or not socializing face to face with friends. In my experience, they can also lead to stress and bad language. I think that they are a waste of time.”
In conclusion, people can be affected from the negatives and positives of video games depending on what they play.

By Charles

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