Thursday, 15 March 2018

The West Bridgford School does Sci-Fi day

Sci-fi day is when all the year 8 tutor groups compete to make a sci-fi movie. Each form was split into different groups to make different things on the day. Their groups like alien food, 3D space vehicles, set design, film promotion, props and alien characters.

Why do we have the day?:
We have the day to make art and have fun also make new friends in other years. Each tutor group had a different film idea. Here is what they made on the day. 
8A: Imitation law
The world has become over populated and one in three people have to travel to Arya. The aliens on Arya get annoyed at the puny Earthlings and plan an invasion on Earth. Led by Sachin the glitch and his three friends they delve into a battle for the ages to save the human race.

8B: Road to mars
Earth has become over populated and we need to move. The government has built a road to Mars and it is the best chance Earth has got. Aliens decide to defend their planet by force. Tale of adventure, action and Sci-fi.

8C: Secured
Ordinary people are at work in an asylum then all of a sudden aliens come from space and they are going to rule the Earth. The people have to use what they find in their kitchens to fight. E.g whisks, knives and spoons. The aliens blend in with the humans and  when they strike a human the humans eyes turn white.

8J: Preay into the unknown
In the core of the earth there are a unknown alien species and they are dangerous and when they come to the center of the earth they want to take over the world and they fight the humans and the unfortunately the aliens win and all of the humans died out.

8E: Tim the time traveling tortoise
Tim the tortoise has trouble when his parents die because of the porcupine . He travels by spinning on his back . He makes a friend which is a porcupine but it happens to be that he is evil land working for the porcupines.

The day
On the day 8E won but everyone made a great effort and had lots of fun.
Lewis in tech said “it was very fun I would do it again.”
Josh said, “I enjoyed the day and all troubles that came with it because we learned a lot and had fun”.
Zack in film promotion said “I helped making the trailer and poster”.
Efue also in tech said  “it was a great experience and I hope the next year 8 enjoy it.”

It was a great day and most people liked it because we were off timetable and we had a whole day to design and craft a film.  A lot of students said they would do it again because it was a great day. One student commmented 'it was awesome I would recommend it to most schools'.

By Joshua, Lewis, Tom, Efue and Zack

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