Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sports at School


In this article we will be explaining about our BBC School News Report on the west Bridgford School. The topic we will be focusing on is are boys and girls treated in the same way in the P.E department.

Sport Awards

The West Bridgford School is known for the talent in sport, as they have won various competitions and are in the top 100 for their school GCSE’s. Also, they have won several of the Gold sports award for their extra curriculum. There are many individuals in the West Bridgford School that have succeeded in their sport and have gotten numerous awards for it. An exceptional sport leader, Emily, has recently won ‘junior volunteer of the year award’ due to her dedication and hard work. However, overall as a school, we have won many awards, ‘Sporting Secondary School of the Year.’


Miss Wray, a P.E teacher, quoted ‘Majority of the sports we provide are for both genders. Rugby, dance, Cross-country; are the few sports which are played by only one gender however there are after school clubs which both genders can participate in e.g. cross- country club’

She thought that they do treat the disabled students equally. They have special events to participate in and they are welcome to every club.Wholeheatedly, she would love to have more P.E lessons and even more pupils to attend after school clubs.

Bradley, suggested ‘more P.E lessons to show that we can work hard so we can try and climb up a step.’

If you would like to know more please go on the BBC school report website.


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