Thursday, 16 March 2017

Excellent Musical Opportunities for Pupils across the UK

Excellent Musical Opportunities for Pupils across the UK
Secondary schools across the UK take pride in inspiring pupils through excellent musical education and facilities.
Here at The West Bridgford School in Nottingham we offer a variety of extra curriculum musical activities including; string group, jazz group, orchestra, flute group, brass group, choir, the barbershop group, clarinet and saxophone ensemble. These additional groups encourage students to enhance their musical abilities through fun and interaction with others. Yearly trips across the world are also available to students attending these music groups; this year, in June, the string group will be travelling to the Rhine Valley in Germany for a week. This will be an amazing experience for students and a great opportunity to interact with others.
We also have dedicated specialist music teachers, who come to teach individual students at a small fee. We interviewed a pupil who recently started to learn the guitar:
“Who or what inspired you to start?”
“I love rock music and artists like Jimi Hendrix so I wanted to be able to play amazing music like them. Also, my dad really encouraged me to start and I am excited to be able to play with him too. There are so many fantastic opportunities that I want to experience, so once I improve, I can!”
“What would your advice be to anybody who wants to learn?”
“Firstly, don’t be afraid because it’s so much fun. But be prepared to practice a lot as there’s a lot of work and don’t get down hearted if you cannot do it straight away. Finally, just try it, if it’s not your thing then stop.”
“What are your hopes for the future?”
“I would like to carry on playing and learn more music. I would also like to get involved with the different groups at school and in the area.”
Music is a crucial part of a child’s experience at school and later on in life. There are many scientific reports of the advantages of music; it boosts self-esteem and allows us to accept criticism, turning negative feedback into something positive, that can be improved; you have the chance to meet and interact with new people, allowing you to build new friendships; music offers great opportunities and introduces different cultures; it is very relaxing and can help with relieving stress .It allows children to let their imagination run wild and helps with memory skills.   







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