Thursday, 16 March 2017

School Uniform: Hot or Not?

BBC School News Report


Image result for bbc schools news reportThe West Bridgford School announce their BBC School News Report along with other schools, all around the UK. Check it out on the BBC School News Website and The West Bridgford School Website. They have based their story around Animal Testing and Uniform, by taking many interviews with the students and teachers of the school. In this article, they have based it around Uniform. They have included an article, plus, an interesting news report.

Text Box: The West Bridgford School are proud to announce that we are producing a report about School/P.E. Uniform, and Animal Testing (see our other article). We chose this topic/s as we feel that it can influence our fellow students, and students all around the country.

Uniform at The West Bridgford School is a big deal, due to Girls rolling their skirts too high up, and boys, having their shirts untucked. Teachers feel this happens due to students disobeying rules, which are strictly made to keep you safe and to look smart. On the other hand, students believe that they deserve a choice. For example Sulli said, “We should have a choice of wearing skirts, or jeans.” Whereas, another student said, “Uniform is to keep us safe, and to look smart. We do not need a choice if this is the school’s request.”

Statistics show that there has been problems with School Uniform, all around the UK. There has been theories that Uniform improves learning. However, recent statistics show that Uniform does not affect our learning. So, it is a 50/50 view that Uniform should be band.
Many students do not enjoy tucking shirts in, or rolling up skirts at finger length. However, many do, and respect the requests teachers make.


There are many complaints about uniform, all around the country. Should uniform carry on? Does uniform affect students learning? Read our page below, or watch our Report on the BBC Website, or on The West Bridgford School page.



Animal testing


See our other article

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