Friday, 1 March 2013


Where did all the shops go?  by Oliver

In the past months many shops have been closing down in Britain, but why?

Recently shops such as blockbuster, Jessops, HMV, and Comet have been closing and there’s someone to blame.

Tesco and amazon have been constantly driving down prices to be the best, but this is making smaller shops also have to do so to be competitive but at such low prices they have to sell more to make profit and survive the high street.

Neal Gingell said:

This shop and many more are set to close.
“I am very disappointed about the closure of blockbusters and Jessops as I am a big fan of not having to use the internet to do my shopping. I think that major supermarkets shouldn’t be allowed to drop prices too low.”


Jai, a child from Nottingham said:

“I am upset that shops are closing down in my local area, as I used to enjoy knowing that all my products are in good condition, whereas online shopping you have to trust that your sellers are selling the product you require. It would also be a lot harder to return items if all our shopping was online. It is also good that people get out of their houses to do shopping otherwise they might just stay in their houses all day long and do their shopping via computer. I think this is happening because we as a public are not going to these unsuccessful shops as often as we should.”

Unfortunately the amount of shops closing is resulting in thousands of jobs being lost. It has been recorded that on average 32 shops are being closed every day, this includes high street singular shops and major chain shops like blockbusters.

Shops’ closing is also causing problems to the public who disagree with using internet sites and do not have access to the internet. Some people that don’t have access to the internet and with blockbusters closing they will find it very hard to get access to a variety of films.


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